who we serve

This platform serves early-stage startups & mid-level corporations.  We are inviting minority business owners to this initiative that provides financial support, business education and mentorship, and marketing and promotion of their brands and products:


  • men and women of color

  • diverse origin of nationality and/or ethnic representation

  • tech start – ups

  •  small business scaling

  • nonprofit 501 (c) (3)

  • environmental social governance focused

  • land acquisition – agriculture development

  • web3

are you missing?

These are costly factors that many minorities struggle to obtain, especially following the COVID -19 pandemic in which minority owned businesses closed at twice the rate.

  • Marketing strategy

  • Accounting services

  • Business development support

  • Software and digital infrastructure

  • Mentorship 

  • Business banking

  • Legal services

  • Tax preparation

  • Business plan creation & implementation

  • Marketing & advertising

  • Business coaching & mentorship

  • Technology & digital strategy

  • Product development & innovation

  • Financial management & accounting Legal services & compliance

  • Human resource management

impactful vision

The platform—Providing an Impact with a Return to minority owned businesses and their communities by explicitly targeting barriers to access, opportunity, and advancement created by systemic racism across America— have created many relationships across the nation bringing a diverse culture of industry leaders and a coalition of strategic advisors. This accelerator will scale its success on this vision points listed:
  • Reduce the number of early-stage business failures significantly

  • Increase business ownership among minorities

  • Redefine social equity by bringing education and inclusivity from quality resources

  • Accelerate repayment of debt and reduce the risk of future lending for minorities

  • Extend a network of resources, credible industry specialist and business solutions

What Prevents Business Growth?

Minority-owned business owners lack direct resources to build sustainable business practices and the education mentorship to impact their brand's presence and growth. They also have less access to capital, mentorship, and growth opportunities. They are significantly underrepresented in retail, tech, and a plethora of growing industries and non-profit focused initiatives

  • MIPA offers financial assistance to participants in the form of grants and services valued at $20,000 to aid in the jumpstart of business growth and customer acquisition. This includes free product imaging services, marketing and brand development, and other services related to press and media relations.

  • Business education and mentorship are also available with a minimum of one year of free strategic advisory services and a network of business mentors, including industry-specific experts and advisors.

  • In addition, MIPA provides marketing and promotion of minority-owned brands and products through initiatives like the #SpreadtheLove Campaign, Impact Campaign Series, etc. 

provide a full-service ecosystem

connect minority entrepreneurs

encourage minority collaboration

serve marginalized leaders

We encourage you to submit to the proper channel.  We will respond to you within the next 48 hours.